An astute observer noticed that we had all the codes next to names, but no longer have a legend, thanks to all the old posts having been cleared.  Here is the legend of codes by pets’ names!

BD = Battledome, generally this means that hit points, strength and defense must be in the numbered ranges (20+ per stat) meaning a minimum HSD of 60.

SBD = Semi-battledome stats, usually this means quite high stats in some of the HSD, but often labbed, and therefore rather uneven (most often the defense has negligible stats, but it can apply to other missing stats)

IQ = intelligence points over 50

RW = Real word (can be a foreign rw or English)

RN = Real name (including last names)

Y1, Y2, Y3, Y4 = The year  the pet was born in.

Trophy = Fairly self explanatory.   This pet has a trophy, most commonly Beauty Contest, but also occasionally pet spotlight and PPL (petpet protection league) trophies

If I missed any, please comment and let me know so I can add it in!


Many of you now know about PetTP our sister site, which I run as well as the Lost and Pound.  Also a certified fansite, PetTP is dedicating to trading and adopting pets.  It can be a useful tool in the PC toolbelt, particularly when you take advantage of the advanced features (link found at the bottom of any PetTP page)

After you’ve adopted a pet from the Lost and Pound and had it turn into a fabulous new colour, why not try listing the pet up for adoption, or up for trade through PetTP?  (Just be sure to put something on your pet’s lookup indicating it is up for trade or adoption, or it will be remove on suspicion of trolling!)

We’re back!

Alright, that was one crazy day, all just to fix this little blog, but the Lost and Pound is back and functional again!  Expect more posts from me soon!  Sadly we no longer have the older posts, but I can post anew!