Neopets Blackout Weekend

In order to support Jellyneo and the Neopets community at large, we will be joining them for their blackout weekend

Due to travel I can’t update the website properly to reflect that right now. But what this does mean is that we will not be updating or adding new pets to the site this weekend.

The blackout is due to NFTs, TNT/Jumpstart’s handling of the matter, and overt homophobia and use of slurs by people connected with the company in charge of the NFT’s. To learn more about the reasons for this protest please visit for more details. More discussions and details can also be found on your social media or choice (facebook, Twitter, reddit and most likely others all have discussions ongoing)

We love Neopets and the community and we do not wish to see it associated with predatory “investment” schemes.

Thanks very much for your support and updates shall return next week. Have a great (long for some of us) weekend!