Celebrating the new pet slot!

So traffic has quadrupled around here since the release of the new pet slot! The team is working around the clock to try and provide you with more awesome pets to adopt and fill your slots. Many pets are getting adopted within minutes or even seconds of being posted to the site, even pets that would normally languish for ages!

Since there are a couple hundred of you for every one of us working on the site, it means that there will be plenty of adopted pets that haven’t yet been updated. We understand that can be frustrating to see, but in order to keep up with the volume of adoptions, we need your help in reporting which pets have been adopted. You can do this by using the form in the sidebar, OR by emailing us directly at lost@quiggle.org.

Thanks for all your support and patience! Now back to the grindstone for me!

2 thoughts on “Celebrating the new pet slot!

  1. Piine says:

    Noticed a lot of the limited pets have gone missing from the site, is it just because the lack of them in the actual pound or for other reasons? Pets like Cybunny, Draik and Hissi. If it is because of the lack could it be possible to still have the tabs on the main page but with something like “No pets available”?

    • Arden says:

      Really really really late response (I pretty much forgot about the blog! oops,) but since it’s a frequently asked question here we go:

      Yes, the categories simply disappear when there are none of that species to list at the moment. They reappear automatically when a pet is updated to lost in that species.

      Theoretically yes, that could be done, and may happen at some point. Realistically right now though it’s going to remain that way for a good while, as the site needs to be rewritten from the ground up at some point, and all my limited energies are focused on keeping the pet database as up to date as I can for now.

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