What is a stuck pet?

A stuck pet is a pet that CANNOT be found when surfing in the pound, no matter how many times you refresh. Whether a pet gets stuck or not seems to depend on the first few letters of its name. Certain strings show up in the pound, while others do not. This means that a stuck pet remains stuck whether it’s painted, morphed, adopted and repounded, etc.

They can only be found by someone knowing they’re in there (or finding a link to them, say on a search engine), or by manually trying names that fit the stuck pattern until you find one. The vast majority of the pets on this site were originally found via the manual method, aka the trial and error guessing.

This also means if you see a cool pet while surfing in the pound, it is NOT stuck, even if it doesn’t get adopted immediately. All pets that show up while surfing in the pound will eventually be adopted, even when it has a terrible name, but stuck pets will only be adopted if someone finds out their name and looks them up.

While we appreciate your urge to help, we DO NOT list pets that don’t get stuck, as by the time we get your messages they’re all already adopted. They don’t need our help to get adopted. Please don’t send us your pound surfs!