Looking for a skill-free way to help us?

The number one thing EVERYONE can do is tell us the name of adopted pets you see while browsing around the site.  There are thousands of you and only a handful of us, and we simply cannot keep up with you guys!

For all of you who spend time browsing through looking for names or pets of the right age, or whatever, you’re clicking through tons of pets already, why not just copy and paste the names of the adopted into the form on the sidebar (send us a list of all of them, or in batches, rather than sending one form message per pet!) or emailed directly to lost AT quiggle.org 🙂

It’s easy, and it’s a MASSIVE help to us!

IP Banning

UPDATE:  We have now been contacted, and it looks like we may soon be unbanned!  Thanks to the support staff! We appreciate it! (Neopia.com.br has also gotten a reply!)

For the last couple of months (since some time around the AC this year) Neopets has been on and off IP banning various officially certified fansites. Included in this bunch have been the Lost and Pound, PetTP, Dress To Impress, and the Brazilian/Portuguese Neopia.com.br

DTI’s issues appear to have been resolved, at least for the meantime, but the rest of us are still affected, and see no end in sight!

We don’t know whether they are intentionally blocking us, or blocking us because they’ve mistaken us for cheating programs, which none of us are!  Either way they have not replied to tickets, emails, or FB messages from any of us fansite owners.  As a certified fansite owner, we have no way to contact anyone who actually works behind the scenes and may be able to quickly fix settings.

Since the end of July, it would appear that both PetTP and the Lost and Pound have been permanently IP banned, as it seems not a single attempt to contact the servers has worked throughout the last couple of weeks.

On PetTP this means that no one can even add a new pet, and all confirmed listings are broken, as all these features require PetTP contact and confirm information on the pets’ lookups!

On the Lost and Pound this just means that our grunt work is even more grunt filled than ever, but thankfully we can still continue to run the site, unlike PetTP.

After many months of dealing with this mess, we feel it’s time to come public with the information, and hope that you guys can help spread the word.  Perhaps the word will finally get back to the people at Jumpstart HQ, and we can be whitelisted.  (If anyone from Jumpstart/Neopets gets this and wants to contact us, lost at quiggle.org and neopia at outlook.com!!!)