Happy 20th Birthday Neopets!

It’s hard to believe that the game has been around so long now. It’s even harder to believe that we’ve been at this for over 14 years now!

In celebration Neopets have announced yet another new pet slot (coming next week)! This is great news, and means we’ll probably be extra busy as many of you come looking for new pets to adopt with all this newfound room. We can’t wait! We currently have over 40,000 pets waiting for adoption, including some well hidden gems (And if you can handle uncapped names, there’s a lot of solid gold)

We could use your help though, in keeping up with all the flurry of updates. If you adopt a pet, or notice someone else has adopted a pet, please let us know. You can use the form in the sidebar, or email us directly (lost at quiggle). I promise I’ve been really good about keeping up with all the mails lately, after an extended absence over the summer for health reasons, so they’re not a waste of time, and are super duper appreciated!

Also for all those cool cats joining the hunt for stuck pets lately, (http://www.neopets.com/~Lorrenn and http://www.neopets.com/~Tileset to learn how) please feel free to send us all the stucks you don’t want (yes even the terribly named basics, we do not discriminate here, much to the chagrin of some!)

Thank you to everyone of you who’s been with us from the beginning or joined along the way! Whether you’ve been staff, volunteered some time for updates, adopted pets, or hung out with us on the boards, THANK YOU!

4 thoughts on “Happy 20th Birthday Neopets!

  1. Jenny Liu says:

    Hi guys! I’m trying to access the homepage to see the stuck pets but the page isn’t working. Is there another URL? Please let me know!

    • Arden says:

      Unfortunately the site was just down for a bit due to some code-breaking upgrades! It’s partially back up now, and should be all the way up in the near future! 🙂

    • Danni says:

      Oops, thought I’d put this in the ‘we’re back’ one. That was a weird thing for my computer to do. Still, glad you’re back!

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